Monday, 21 October 2013

ResearchMoz include new market research report"Rich Communications Services (RCS): Market Opportunities and Forecast 2013 - 2018 " to its huge collection of research reports.

RCS represents the first LTE-enabled value-added service (VAS) application for carriers.
There are some pre-Voice over LTE (VoLTE) options, and a migration path for RCS that is pre-IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), but we ultimately see RCS adding most value with ubiquitous VoLTE coverage and IMS integration.  We also see significant value via open API integration for various VAS applications focused on RCS.  One of those applications is the so called Corporate or Enterprise Dashboard, which provides a key application for the carriers most valued customers.

This report provides analysis of the RCS market drivers, technical issues, forecast and future outlook.  It is must reading for any company focused on monetizing LTE, IMS, and integrating VAS with carriers in a next generation IP environment.

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Key Findings:

Forecast for RCS revenue from 2013 - 2018 representing incremental revenue
Presence, location, and API integration will key enablers of VAS applications for RCS
RCS represents arguably the first true LTE-based VAS application that carriers must deploy
Facing price erosion of core services (voice and data), carriers must deploy their own VAS applications
RCS lite represents a market entry strategy as a precursor to IMS deployment and integration for RCS-e
RCS provides the ability for a corporate entity to allow their employees to customize their own mobile experience via the RCS interface
Compared to all other applications, RCS is arguably the one that affords the incumbent network operators with the best opportunity to prevent them from becoming a so-called "dumb pipe".

Target Audience:
Mobile network operators
Value-added service providers
Wireless device manufacturers
Telecom infrastructure providers
API providers and management companies
Content providers and commerce companies
LTE and IP Multimedia Subsystem integrators

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
The Benefits of "Dialable" VoIP
Rich Communications Service (RCS)
RCS is a Value-added Service (VAS)
Release Standards and joyn
RCS/joyn® Status 
Issues and Challenges with RCS/joyn
RCS without joyn 
RCS Technical and Business Issues
Overview 15
RCS and IMS 
RCS Use Cases
Core RCS Feature Functionality
Rich Calls
Rich Messaging
RCS and Video
Enhanced Address Book 
Future RCS Functionality and Applications
RCS in Mobile Commerce 
RCS and Cloud Storage/Access
RCS and LTE Direct
RCS Market Analysis and Forecasts
RCS/joyn Revenue Forecasts
RCS Market Drivers
RCS vs. OTT Applications 
No Cost and Low Cost VoIP
No Cost and Low Cost Texting
OTT Service Provider Comparative Analysis
Mobile Network Operators (MNO) versus OTT Players
MNO and OTT Coexistence? 
RCS and Enterprise Customers
RCS and Social 36
RCS Industry Support 
RCS and other VAS Enablers
Identity, Personal Data, and Preference Management
Telecom API and Management
Role and Importance of Telephony API
Summary and Recommendations 

Appendix: NGN Technologies
Technical Overview of IMS and SDP
SDP Architecture
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
Technologies Supporting IMS 

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