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Global and China Automotive Safety System trade Report, 2012-2013 covers the followings:

Automotive Safety System Introduction
Automotive Safety System Market
Research on Automotive Safety System trade
Research on fourteen Automotive Safety System makers

The poor performance of each EU and Chinese machine markets in 2012 dragged down the expansion rate of world automotive trade. Automotive safety system market size therein year was some $22.365 billion, a small increase of one.2% over 2011. In 2013, automobile markets of China and therefore the us have done an outstanding job, therefore compensatory the more serious performance of the EU market, it's expected that the automotive safety system market in 2013 shows three.3% growth. Meanwhile, as an outsized range of active automotive safety system merchandise have acquire use, the market size are going to be enlarged to $25.628 billion in 2015.

Currently, active automotive safety system primarily refers to the sight system, that has been additional to the highest BMW merchandise as early as 2005. For now, the sight system is moving from luxury automobiles to mid-range car market. Major makers embrace Autoliv, Visteon, Hella, Astyx and Tyco natural philosophy.

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Global automotive safety system trade saw no massive modification in 2012, the sole massive event was the huge recall of cars equipped with Takata airbags. Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda declared the recall of three.4 million cars worldwide thanks to the airbag issue; BMW cluster additionally declared the world recall of 220,000 vehicles owing to similar issues.

The chief offender was the airbag equipped by Takata, that so paid the value of thirty billion yen, admire its biennial operative financial gain. However, this recall hasn’t caused a severe blow to Takata, and customers haven’t off orders. within the second quarter of 2013, Takata reached revenue of a hundred thirty.3 billion yen (up twenty seventh YoY), and operative financial gain of vi.245 billion yen (up forty nine.2% YoY).

Local makers in China showed poor results. for example, East Joy Long in 2012 witnessed declines of regarding twenty eighth in revenue and quite hour in net, compared to 2011.

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