Wednesday, 11 September 2013 include new market research report" Global and China Micro Electronic-Acoustics Component Industry Report, 2013" to its huge collection of research reports.

The report includes the subsequent aspects:

Introduction to small Electronic-Acoustics
Downstream Market of small Electronic-Acoustics
Micro Electronic-Acoustics business
21 small Electronic-Acoustics Enterprises

Micro Electronic-Acoustics principally refers to the electro-acoustic product put in in mobile phones, laptops and different mobile electronic product, together with handsfree, earphone, receiver, speaker unit and mike. within the wake of the happening of good phone, the value of small Electronic-Acoustics soared to USD5,160 million in 2011 and USD6,347 million with the expansion rate of twenty six.3% in 2012. the expansion of the market is predicted to weigh down to thirteen.1% in 2013, valuing USD7,180 million, of that handsfree and speaker unit can see the strongest growth.

Handsfree and speaker unit industries area unit effortful industries, requiring enterprises to manage labor prices. little enterprises feel troublesome to vie with massive firms, and their aggressiveness becomes progressively weak.

For example, the revenue of Republic of Korea BSE unerect from USD156 million in 2009 to USD20 million in 2012. The revenue of the listed company New Jialian born from RMB364 million in 2010 to RMB223 million in 2012, and is predicted to fall below RMB200 million in 2013. The electro-acoustic revenue of Japan STAR MICRONICS additionally descended from JPY7,646 million in FY2010 to JPY3,233 million in FY2013, thus STAR MICRONICS transferred its electro-acoustic business to Foster in August 2013. Japan Hosiden might transfer the business to Foster further.

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In the booming MEMS mike field, Knowles still performs remarkably with five hundredth market share. However, vendors pictured by Apple have reduced the procurance from Knowles so as to avoid the over-reliance on that. The second and fourth positions within the market area unit occupied by Chinese makers as Apple\'s main suppliers; each of them have made electronic countermeasures and used the MEMS foundries of Germany Infineon.

AAC has obtained nearly USD100 million in revenue, and its main product area unit employed in iPhone and iPad mini. GoerTek’s MEMS microphones area unit primarily applied to iPhone. The third-ranked ADI primarily produces superior product at high commercialism costs, and these product realize application in Apple\'s iPhone five. Infineon acts as a MEMS metalworks of the businesses United Nations agency lack technology, like China\'s AAC and GoerTek, Japan-based Hosiden and Republic of Korea BSE.

STMicroelectronics ranks fifth, principally serving Nokia, HTC, Amazon Kindle and laptop computer vendors. Its shipments hit sixty million in 2012, breaking through the zero record in 2010. STMicroelectronics purchases MEMS wafers from Japan Omron.

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