Tuesday, 17 September 2013

ResearchMoz.us include new market research report" 2020 Foresight Report: Operational Efficiency in Non-Life Claims(http://www.researchmoz.us/2020-foresight-report-operational-efficiency-in-non-life-claims-report.html)" to its huge collection of research reports.

Globally, non-life insurance companies have been registering increasing payouts on account of claims. To deal with this situation, non-life insurers have been taking measures to make their claims management processes more efficient to reduce claim payouts and to curb claims-handling expenses. Non-life insurers are employing advanced technologies to improve their claims management processes. One of these technologies is integrated claims management systems (ICMSs).

Non-life insurers have been implementing ICMSs to ensure that they can keep in contact with customers through the customers' preferred devices. ICMS are also being employed to gain a clearer view of claims data, which will help in identifying fraudulent activity. Non-life insurers have also been using predictive analytics to determine specific choices at the time of claims processing and to determine the long-term business potential of customers so that they can be provided with a better claims service.


This report provides a detailed analysis of some of the key technologies that are being adopted to improve operational efficiencies in the processing of non-life insurance claims
It details the claims ratios registered by some of the important non-life insurance segments across the world
It analyses the role being played by some of the important regulations across the world in improving non-life claim processing efficiencies
It analyses the impact that economic downturns can have on non-life insurance claims

Reasons to buy

Gain insights into the latest technologies that are being adopted by non-life insurers to improve efficiencies in claims management
Be informed of the performance of key non-life insurance markets across the world in terms of their claims ratios
Comprehend how some of the key regulations across the world have been influencing non-life insurers to improve their claims management efficiencies
Understand how economic downturns can lead to an increase in non-life insurance claims

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